News or No News?
You decide.

To counter the spread of fake news we created News or No News. A platform fuelled by our collective intelligence, our public power. NoNN helps filter a raw newsfeed into two charts: one with news and one with no news. You decide what is news and what is not with a single swipe.

NoNN’s raw feed collects news from the best, worst, most fake, craziest, conspiracy-drivenest and reliable sources on the internet. And if you think NoNN has missed a story, you can easily add your own articles for the public at large to judge.

NoNN is for people who want to help separate the frivolous from the serious, the real from the fake and the lies from the truth.
It is the only platform that bundles news from really all sides of the aisle. Making it the most complete news source on the web.

For questions or suggestions please contact us.